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Lyceum de Grundel

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Introduction: Here are the names of the pupils of class 2A1 of Lyceum de Grundel. It's in the shape of a clover leaf. Hopefully it will bring good luck. Personal introduction in audio are available through the link to the Office Mix below.




Hello , my name is Mishel

I’m 13 years old and I live in Hengelo. I live with my 2 little brothers and my parents, my parents are from Syria. Maybe you know Enschede , that is a city nearby. My school is Grundel Lyceum and it’s a very nice school .My hobbies are playing soccer and gaming. I have PlayStation and I play Fifa 16 and Black ops 3 and sometimes GTA 5. Sometimes we go play with friends but you know who always wins (me). Next week is my birthday so then I’ll turn fourteen years old. My favorite subject on school is PE. I also go the gym called Basic Fit. It’s very fun there. On the picture I’m  the one on the left.


Hello, I am Melik
I am 13 years old and I like to play soccer, but i’m signed in a gym. I kickbox and fitness there. My
hobbies are playing soccer, playing poker, spending money and social media.
I am a student from Lyceum de Grundel in Hengelo. It’s a little town in the east of Holland.
My parents are born in Morocco and Bosnia. But we all have a Dutch passport, so we’re not foreigners.
Thanks for watching my biography. I hope you like this!
Melik, 2A1




Well hello,

My name is Maartje and I’m 14 years old. I’m a student of Lyceum de Grundel, a school in the east of the Netherlands. I love to read, especially English books. I also draw very often and I write sometimes. Fangirling, about bands (P!ATD, FOB, MCR, Green Day, TøP, etc.) and Youtubers (Danisnotonfire, Amazingphil, TylerOakley, Superfruit, etc.), is my daily business. Another thing that I do daily, is listening to music. Punk isn’t the only genre I like. I love Indie/Alt music really much! My favourite indie/alt music artists are: The 1975, MisterWives, Ivory Hours, WALLA, Oh Wonder and many more! In the summer I play basketball sometimes, but most of the time I’m too lazy to play a sport. I have a quite busy life, because I have three brothers and two sisters. I have a dog (a Lancashire Heeler) at my dad’s home (my parents are divorced). I love both dogs and cats really much. I guess that’s all I can tell about myself.




My name is Silvia and I’m 14 years old.

I live in Hengelo with my mother, dad, brother, sister and my dog Stella.

I’m half Italian and half dutch, so I can speak both languages.

Playing field hockey is one of my favourite things to do, I do it 3 or 4 times a week. Another thing that I like is playing piano, I love to practice and learn new songs. My favourite subjects are geography and French, but other languages are interesting to.

A great experience in my life was that I went to America, I saw a lot of things that are so beautiful or so diffirent from us.

Over a month I fly on my own to Italy and explore Milan and the city’s nearby. In the future I want to see more of the world and see diffirent cultures, but first I have to finish 6 years of high school.



Hello, my name is Jessica

I’m fourteen years old. I live in the Netherlands. The name of my school is Grundel Lyceum. I live with my parents and my little brother and sister, my brother is eleven years old and my sister is thirteen years old. My hobbies are having fun with friends and family and I really like to sing in spare time. I don’t really have a ‘favorite’ food dish, I love every kind of food, especially pizza; pizza is life. I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, maybe a doctor or something similar. I love to chill and watch movies and TV-shows on Netflix, I think that I’m a little bit addicted. For people who don’t know what Netflix is, It’s a programme where you can watch any movie or TV- show. Before I settle down somewhere, I really want to go and see the world, I want to make a unforgettable road trip with my friends. So this was me, talking about myself and my life thanks for reading.





I’m Noortje and I’m 14 years old. I come from Holland and my school is Lyceum The Grundel. I live in two houses. One week by my father and one week by my mother, two cats and the friend of my mother. My hobbies are dancing, nail-art and making beautiful or funny photographs. Every Friday I go to my old school because I have in the gymnasium of the school Jazz dance. When I am clear with school I would like to do something with computers and games. I love my two cats Bacchus and Woezel. They are different but very kind to each other. I have three cousins, one grandfather, one grandmother, three uncles, three aunts and of course a father and mother. I’m bad in English so as you don’t understand this, sorry.



My name is Kirsten, I’m thirteen years old. I live with my father, mother and sister in Netherland. My sister is fifteen years old. We have a pet, a canary and his name is Coco. I’m a pupil of Lyceum the Grundel. I’m in the second grade at school. My big hobby is playing soccer, I play soccer by ATC’65. I’m usually a midfielder or a defender. I play soccer sinceI am ten years old. Before that I played hockey by HCTwente, I played hockey three years and one year in the selection. I’m a fan from the soccer clubs FC Twente and FC Barcelona. They are really good!





My name is Ilse and I live in the Netherlands. I’m a pupil of Lyceum de Grundel. I live together with my two sisters and my parents. My hobbies are volleyball, listening to music and playing tennis. I’d like to bake with my nieces. I love to play with my dog and cat, they’re adorable. In the weekend I usually have a volleyball match. Last year we became champions and now we’re getting better and better. I also like to watch vlogs on Youtube.

Greetings Ilse.



Hey, I am Britt.

I am 13 years old and I’m living in Hengelo, The Netherlands. I am blond have middle-long hair and have bleu eyes. I live together with my twin brother and parents, they are also blond. We don’t have any pets but I used to have hamsters. My sport is athletics and I train 2 times a week, my favorite section is high jump I guess. My school is Grundel Lyceum also in Hengelo, my class 2A1. My favorite subjects are PE and biology, the teachers are also nice. The subject that is my least favorite is French, the teacher is nice but I am not really good at it. I really like to meet some friends and watch movies and that kind of things.
Greetings Britt




I’m Dion and I am 13 years old. I live in Hengelo that’s a town in the east of the Netherlands, close to Germany. I share my house with my brother and my parents. I’ve had some goldfishes but they became to large and they are swimming around in a pond somewhere. My hobbies are: gaming and I play badminton in a large P.E. room. My school is around 100 meters = 300 feet away from our house. My school is called “Lyceum de Grundel” and this is my second year on this school. Hope you now more about me now!!!




Hey, I am Valerie. I’m 13 years old and i live in Hengelo in The Netherlands. I’m going to the school Lyceum de Grundel.

I live with my mother, father and brother. My mother is 43 years old and her name is Monique, my father is called Marco and is 46 years old and my brothers name is Silvan and is 11. My hobby is volleyball. I play at ATC that’s a club here in Hengelo. I play volleyball for 3 years now and I like it very very much. I play volleyball with my friend Merel. She is in the same class as me and i’ve known her since i was 4.

My favourite food is pasta. I like pizza and fries as well.



Hey I am Sophie.
I am 13 years old and I live in Hengelo, The Netherlands. I have brown middle-long hair and green eyes. I live with my parents, two brothers and a dog. My school is lyceum de Grundel and my class is 2A1.My favorite subject is history. I don’t like biology, because I’m not really good at it. I play hockey 3 times a week, 2 times training and at Saturday a competition. In the winter we play indoors: indoor hockey. My favorite food is sushi.

Greetings Sophie



Hey, I’m Noortje, and  13 years old . I have one sister, one brother and two very sweet cats called Zuko and Katara. I live in the Netherlands. My school’s name is Lyceum de Grundel, and my classname is 2A1 ( 2nd year, Atheneum/vwo, first class). My favourite subjects are drawing and biology.  My friends are Jia Wen, Maartje, Sophie, Noortje and Lianne. My hobbies are playing the violin and korfball, that is a typical Dutch sport, a kind of basketball. I am playing in the team C2. I have been playing the violin since I was 7. I have also been playing in a orchestra for violins for three years now.  My favourite food for lunch is toast with cheese and for dinner, spaghetti bolognese and a lot of cheese. In my spare time I like to watch a lot of movies or ( usually in the summer) hang out with friends outside. My idols are Taylor Swift and Mia Talerico. Taylor is amazing, has a beautiful sound and is so cool, Mia is soo cute and a super actress!    

Bye Noortje.



Hello I am Jasper

I am 13 years old. I live in a house with my two brothers and my parents. I have 2 cats, their names are Laska and Lycka. My hobby's are Gaming and going outside. I like to climb in trees. Every day I cycle to school (Not in the weekend Here in the Netherlands the weather is not so good. It rains very much. So it is not always nice to cycle to school.



Hello my name is Merel. I am 13 years old. I live with my family in the Netherlands. I have a brother and a sister and of course I have my parents. I also have a bunny named Punker, he is now almost 6 years old. My father works at the NAVY and my mother is a teacher. My first school was the Don Bosco school I went there for 8 years and after that I went to high school. I wasn’t born in Hengelo but in Hoorn. That is in North Holland at the seaside. Now I live almost 11 years here. I can’t remember anything about Hoorn. My sister can but she was almost 5 years old when we moved away. I play vollyball since I was 10 years old. Now I am in the c2. Next year I go to the B. I’m in the club ATC and now we are in the 2e place. I hope we end up 1e.


Hello, my name is Viviène.

I am 13 years old and live in the Netherlands. My school is lyceum de Grundel in Hengelo. I live in a village that is called Borne. It takes half an hour to cycle to school from home. I live in a nice house whith my little brother and parents. I also have a pet, a Guinea pig, called daisy. My sport is judo and in my spare time I like to create things whith my hands. I like making my own clothes for example. I also like to bake cakes and pie.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Greetings Viviène



Hello my name is Sophie,

I’m 13 years old and I live in the east of Holland. My parents are divorced and my mother has a new husband. I have one brother (17) and one sister (20). She studies at IRIO in the north of Holland. One very important fact to know about me is that in primary school I found out that I have gluten allergy for my whole life. Most people feel sorry for me, but I’m used to it, so please don’t. For me is family the best support because they always help me when I need some help. I like to sing, to ski and to play Handball. My team is on the first place, so I think we’re doing very well right now. I’m also playing Tennis, but I’m not so good at it. My parents say that I’m addicted to Netflix (the best app to watch TV-shows and movies in Holland), so it must be true and I like sweet things. I think that this is pretty much my life, thanks for making time for my story. 




My name is Jia Wen.

I’m a student from Lyceum de Grundel and I live in The Netherlands with my brother and my parents, my uncle and my grandma. I’m a 13 years old girl. My brother also went to this school.  I really like playing basketball (I have a basketball ring in my back yard) and watching a Korean variety show named Running man, I’m not Korean though, my parents are from China but I was born in The Netherlands. I can understand the show because there are English subtitles. I also  like the Youtube channel named Justkiddingparty. Most of my free time I watch Running man and don’t play basketball that much because of the cold weather here. I don’t have any pets but i’d like to have one but my parents don’t want pets.




Hi, I am Michiel.

I am 14 years old and live in the Netherlands with my mother, father and brother. My brother is 5 years older than I am, and is now studying biology at the university of Groningen. Every 2 or 3 weeks he comes back to Hengelo to visit us in the weekend, That is great fun, we enjoy skateboarding together. In the weekend on Saturdays in the afternoon I go to a hobby named ’scouting’ and on Fridays in evening I play for 1 hour badminton with a friend of mine. Of course 5 days a week I have to go to a school named: ‘Lyceum De Grundel’.

Greets Michiel



Hello , my name is Stan

I’m 14 years old and I have 1 brother and parents. I’m from the Netherlands. I go to school at the Grundel Lyceum and I live in Hengelo, it is close to Enschede maybe you know FCTwente? My hobbies are playing soccer and gaming. I play soccer at BWO. That is my Football club. I play on the midfield and I’m captain. I play often FIFA 16 with friends I always win. It’s to easy for me. I always go to FCTWENTE to watch a football game. FCT is my favorite soccer club. My favorite subject on school is PE because I like to sport. 



Hi, my name is Jochem.

I live in the Netherlands in a little village called: “Hertme”. My hobbies are gaming, driving on a tractor and hanging out with my friends. My friends at school are: Frans, Gijs, Tom, Tim, Dyon, Mishel, Stan, Dion, Niek, Michiel, Valentijn and Jasper. I go to school at Lyceum the Grundel in Hengelo. It is a really nice school, the building is great and very old, probably from the 19th century. Every year I go skiing in Austria with my family, I really like skiing in Austria. My favourite diner is French fries with a hamburger and I also like lasagna. I hope you found out a bit more about me.

Bye, greetings Jochem




I am Tom, I’m 13 years old. Was born, and I still live in Delden, a village near Hengelo. I have one brother, a sister and a mum and dad. I go to school in Hengelo on a school called Lyceum the Grundel. I can say it very short: I don’t like school. I’m very bad at math, but I’m better in subjects with languages. I like to sport, so i like PE (Not the teacher, he is only nice against girls). I play soccer my self, every Saturday i play a match. I also like to hang out with my friends and make fun. In the winter i go skiing, one of the best things to do.




Hello, my name is Frans.

I live in the Netherlands, I go to school at Grundel lyceum that is placed in Hengelo. My birthday is at 14-2-2002 I am 14 years old now. My hobbies are hockey, hanging out with my friends and gaming. I have three times a week hockey, 2 trainings and 1 game. Most of the times I am hanging out with my friends where often playing a game maybe you know it is FIFA 16 most of the times I win it is just to easy. And we also play real life football often. My class in very busy because we are with 32 people in our class it are 13 boys an 19 girls. But it is a lot of fun with all the children. My favorite subject in school is PE (sports).



my name is Willemijn, but my friends usually call me Will. I’m thirteen years old and live in the Netherlands.

I live with my parents and my two sisters, Anne-Floor, she 15 and Liselot, she is 11. Every school day I wake up at 7:30 a.m, I dress up en go to school. My friends have to bike for like half an hour, but lucky for me I only have to walk for a minute or two to get to school. In my spare time I play  hockey. I also started to play guitar a year ago, what I like very much.



Hey, my name is Hieke.

I am 13 years old. I live in Bentelo with my parents, I’m an only child, the stupid of it is that you are alone on holidays and it is very nice that it always quiet is at home. I’m a pupil of lyceum de Grundel. We have a dog at home, jelle. I practice handball in my spare time. I play handball since I was 5 years old.

In the weekend I mostly have a handball match.



Hello, my name is Lianne. I am 13 years old. I live in Bentelo. That is a small place in the neighborhood of Enschede. I live together with my father, my mother and my brother. My hobby is tennis. I train every Thursday. I have a rabbit pet. My favorite subject on school is German. I don’t like the subject French.



I am Gijs my hobbies are speed skating, call of duty black ops 3, gta V and cycling. I like speed skating because it is mostly a race for yourself and you haven’t team mates. So you’re on your own and other people don’t annoy you. Cycling is a very different sport because it is more like a team sport. I do cycling so I can train my stamina. I live in Borne in the Netherlands with my parents, 2 brothers and 1 sister. We also have pets: 2 cats and some guinea pigs. Shortly I will have a winter triathlon. That’s a match with three parts; namely running, cycling and ice skating. My favourite food is rib eye with fries. Soon I will travel to Suisse to go skiing. My favourite section is biology and I don’t prefer French. I am 13 years old and in second class of high school.  I play gta V and black ops 3 on ps4. I like music too, mostly of the time I listen to top 40 Netherlands and I like the Dutch dj’s like Martin Garrix, Afrojack and Olliver Heldens. I don’t like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. I don’t watch much tv but when I do, I watch south park or other funny programs, also a lot of programs you don’t know because it is Dutch.



Hey, I am Marieke and I am 14 years old. My school is Grundel Lyceum, my class is 2A1, the second class of the VWO (in Holland we have got 6 classes at the VWO). I live in the Netherlands. I am a girl, not very tall. I have brown hair and green-grey eyes. My sport is kickboxing and I am doing it for a year now. I’ve got a Mother, Father and, a little sister and a dog. My sisters name is Sandra and she is 11 years old. My dog is called Kaja and she is a Swiss White Shepperd and 4 years old. My hobbies are reading books, watching series and movies on Netflix, chilling with friends and shopping. My favourite book-serie is the Gone serie, from Michael Grant. My favourite movie-series are the Hungergames-serie and the Divergent-serie. My favourite serie (on Netflix) are Gossip Girl, The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars. I really like chocolate and cookies. Bye!



Hello, I am Niek and I am 13 years old. I live in the Netherlands in Hengelo. I live in a house with my parents, 2 little sisters and 2 cats. My sisters are Karlijn and Meike. My hobbies are Gaming and playing outside. My cats are called Mitzy and Poeky. My best friends are Jasper, Michiel and Dion. Every day I walk to school. The weather here is not so good. It rains a lot and it is very cold.




My name is Tim I am 14 years old. I have a mother father, an older sister and a little brother. I like soccer, I play it 3 times a week. I have training  twice  times a week and 1 time a week a contest. I also like cycling. I need to like it because I bike every day 8,5km to school and 8,5km back to home. I bike with Tom, Frans and another people to school and back home. I like it to have fun with my friends. We have got a lot of fun together and we are also joking a lot. We have 32 people in the class and that’s very busy.



Hello everyone, my name is Valentijn and I’m twelve years old. I’m from the Netherlands and I am a second year student on a highschool called: “Lyceum De Grundel”. Everyday I go to school by bike with my schoolfriend Jasper. Lyceum de Grundel is a very nice highschool, the building is really old and gives you a great feeling. Me and my family live in Hengelo, a town in the east of the Netherlands. It’s a very nice town with a lot of things to do: we have an popular ice cream maker named “Van der Poel”, you can have a snack and a drink at “De twee wezen” or you can watch a movie at “Cinema Hengelo”. If you are ever near Hengelo, give Hengelo a visit because it’s a really nice city.

 I hope I will see you around!

Greetings, Valentijn



Hello, My name is Dyon

I live in the Netherlands and im 13 years old. My hobby’s are fishing, running, athletics and gaming. I really like to game in the weekend. The games i like are the games Black ops and League of legends. I like to go running on a Sunday morning. I always go training on Wednesday and Friday in the FBK stadium. I have school at the Grundel Lyceum it’s a really nice school and really busy school. I have really friendly classmates, and we got a really big class with 32 children.  My favorite school subjects are gymnastics, French and English I like to sport and I like the languages. I also like to chill with my friends after school and go game or just go outside. 


Here is a MicroSoft Mix with audio introductions of pupils that talk about their classmates





Contributions Challenge 1:

The Religious Education teacher did a brainstorm about  Challenge 1 with the pupils by using a website www.spiderscribe.net . The pupils answered some of the reflective questions

^By Sophie K, Maartje, Jia Wen en Noortje G^

^By Melik and Viviene^

^By Silvia, Willemijn and Ilse^


^By Stan, Mishel, Tom and Gijs^

^By Sophie, Jessica, Hieke and Britt^

^By Kirsten, Merel, Marieke, and Valerie^

^By Dyon, Tim, Jochem, and Frans^

^Dion F, Jasper, Niek, Valentijn, Michiel^


^By: Silvia, Willemijn and Ilse^



^Cartoon Children's Rights by: Ilse and Hieke^




^Cartoon Children's Rights by: Valentijn



^Cartoon Children's Rights by: Willemijn^




^Cartoon Children's Rights by: Noortje^




^Cartoon Children's Rights by: Niek^







Cartoon by Kirsten, Valerie, Merel and Marieke



Cartoon by Jia-Wen,Noortje and Maartje



^Poem Children's Rights by: Jessica & Sophie^




^ Rap by Stan, Tom, Mishel, Tim, Frans



Research children’s rights:

By my research to information about children’s rights. I came across a website called War Child and I am going to tell something about that.

What does War Child do?
War Child helps children who are fleeing from war or violence and who consequently can’t go to school. Sometimes they can’t even play outside. There are also children who have no family in the camp they live there alone. War Child is taking care for a safe place so they can go to school and play outside and so they forget the danger for a moment.

What does War Child have to do with children’s rights?
Safe environment, education and housing are a few children rights where War Child fights for.

What can we do in the Netherlands for War Child?
On Kings Day War Child is organizing activities in the Netherlands to help children in these war areas. Look for more information on the internet site of War Child.
Made by: Viviène



The worst nightmare that a child can have is violence

The best dream for a child is a safe place to be

Why don’t we see, why are we giving them offense

Can someone tell us that what we do, does not make sense

Refugees feel our hate and they don’t complain

Maybe we have something to explain

Those refugees are crying because they have pain

In the meantime we are angry eating our steaks

No one feels them, everyone is keeping them out

In Holland, people are yelling ‘stop Syrian refugees’’ even harder than loud

Children just need a safe place to be, so they can normally sleep, eat WITHOUT AN ANGRY CROWD.

Poem by Melik




Feedback from: The Team from "Grigore Moisil" National College for Computer Science from Brasov, Romania:




In this project you used interesting ideas and enjoyable activities such as brainstorming. From the discussions resulted from the brainstorming you presented humanitarian cases and made pictures by using interesting diagrams. The students who are involved in the project, from our team, are very pleased about the brainstorming. We also liked the manner in which the elements were arranged in your school page in the platform.


There are many problems in the world, but they can be solved.





Feedback from: Ashram College



We liked your contributions very much.  You are all very talented. But could you please explain the Santa drawing, we didn’t quite understand it. But everthing else was impressive. We liked how you did it in different ways. We wish you the best of luck with the next challenge.


Elodie and Birthe.



We liked your mindmap, we think you guys have really good ideas.
We also liked your singing, very brave. Your cartoons are very cool and origial. We think you can draw very well. We are looking forward in the near future for your next ideas. 


greetings Karis, Julia and Honjia


We really liked your things you posted in challenge 1!! Cool rap. Your cartoons are very funny, cool and informative! You did a good job, well done! You explained the things very well in the pictures. Only the first mindmap things we weren’t able to read because they were a bit unsharp for us!!

Myrthe, Bryan and Laura


We really enjoyed your posts ! We liked to see all the videos, they were really fun. The “stay’ singers were very talented, wow you guys really dare. (We are way too shy for videos like that hahah!) We’re looking forward to the following challenges.


Natacha & Sandy 




  We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group:
                                                        on .............. date 

                                                         at .............. pm/am



Contributions Challenge 2:


Dear Urmila,

We watched your video on YouTube and we really wanted to write a letter to you.

We heard you talking about the slaves and that the daughters at an age of 6/7 years old already need to work. In our country it doesn’t work like that. We have a law that is telling the children that they can’t work unless they are 12/13 years old or older. This doesn’t mean you can do everything, you can only do light work, not at nights and you have only a couple of hours you should work. That’s because we have the duty to go to school. So when we heard about the girls in your country, we were really sad. We can’t imagine how hard it is to go to work when you are only 6/7 years old.   Every child has the right to have a childhood, that shouldn’t be taken away from them.

We hope that things will change in the future.


Jia Wen, Noortje G, Jessica and Sophie K

School: Grundel, The Netherlands

Hello Urmila,
We read your story and we found it very interesting and inspiring. We have a lot of respect for you. It has to be really hard to be someone else’s  property. Everybody has the right of freedom, including you. We’re wondering how you did it every day again and again. These are some questions we want to ask you:

-        Have you ever talked with other girls like you?

-        Do you know why your parents gave you away?

-        Have you ever been in contact with your family again?

-        Did you know that there are thousands of other girls like you around the world who work as a house slave too?

-        How do you deal with your past now? Is it hard?

-        Where do you live now?

We really hope you can help other girls with the Kamalari Girls Forum. They deserve a better future. We hope that you can answer our letter. Have a great future!
Kirsten, Merel, Marieke and Valerie  Lyceum de Grundel


Other pupils have designed a new school using software called Sketch up: This is a screenshot

this is a link to the clip



Are Clarks as wonderful as we think they are?

Wonderful and expensive shoes, but are they as wonderful as we think they are? No, they aren’t. They are made by children in India. Children from the age of 11 till 15. The factory they work in is very dangerous. The children work with glue and toxic gasses. By making the shoes the children could get cut themselves very badly. This type of child labour is very dangerous and should be forbidden forever. We are wearing lots of these shoes without knowing who has to pay for them and with that we don’t mean the money.

Reseach by Silvia. Source: http://www.indianet.nl/pdf/ChildLabourInTheLeatherFootwearIndustry.pdf

Valentijn and Michiel designed a school using Minecraft software. Download the video below for a 3d impression (video is 1 minute 23 sec.)

School door Valentijn en Michiel.mp4


This school is made by Niek and Jasper.


Research of my authentic brand shoes and my imitation brand shoes
Hello, my name is Melik and I am from the Grundel Lyceum. I’m doing research to find out where my shoes are made and how hard the employees of those factories have to work in what circumstances. I’m also looking for the differences between imitation brand shoes and authentic brand shoes.
Authentic Nike shoes (bought at the department store called ‘Bristol’)

Imitation Nike shoes (bought on an online Chinese marketplace platform)

The original Nike shoes are made in Indonesia, the fake replicas are made in Vietnam. The reason that the Nike shoes are made in Indonesia, is because the countries before (Korea and Taiwan) became a little less poor, so the salary had to be raised a bit. Here is a picture of the inside of a factory from Nike.

The Replica shoes are made in Vietnam, because it seems to be the cheapest place to run a factory. The factory are amateurish, but do have better work-circumstances. Here is a picture of the factory that makes replica shoes.

I did a little bit more research of the original Nike factories, because I heard a lot of rumours. After checking a lot of websites, i found an exposing website that shows that Nike had installed so called ‘suicide nets’. Those are nets that are hang up around the factories so employees can’t kill themselves, are stuck in the nets and can go to work again. This is all because the 25 people upfront the Nike industry want to make more and more billions. This is one of the suicide nets.

Costs for making one pair of Nike shoes:
People say that it costs €30,- but that’s not the case. They can make one pair of easy Nike shoes for only €10,-. They sell the shoes for 50 to 300 euro. This is inhumane. If you wanted to know how expensive my imitation brand shoes were and my authentic shoes were, here are the prices: The real ones were €109,- The fake one were €5,90 (without shipping) This is not a joke! Fake shoes are cheaper and are more fair-trade than authentic shoes. The only difference is the quality and the price tag.
This research made me think about this world, that is led by many corporations. If you’re imaging those prices, you will know that far on the top, there are some ultra-rich people who don’t know what to do with their money. And children in Asia and Africa are just dying. And we all support it by buying Nike’s clothes! The world has to wake up! Made by Melik , 2A1 of Lyceum de Grundel. Sources: Taobao.com Chron.com Dailymail.co.uk Taringa.net ABCNews.com


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Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)



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Evaluation learning circle:introduction.

We are a big class with 32 pupils and we did a lot for the introduction. Everyone wrote something about her or himself. And we sent a picture of ourselves with the introduction. Most of the class didn’t like that. And you can’t see most of the pictures on the site. We don’t know why. Lianne and Noortje from 2A1
We think that the introduction was a bit too classic, because we could have made an introduction video or something like that. the pictures were a little unnecessary, but with a picture you will give somebody else a good idea of the other person. See you next time! ,Michiel and Valentijn We think the introduction is a nice idea because the introduction introduces all the pupils you get an overview of everyone. There was enough time you could make an introduction in 1 day and you had like 1 week for it. Dion, Jasper and NiekEvaluation Audio-files:
We think that the audio-files had nothing to do with children’s rights. We already introduced ourselves in a short story. The only interesting thing about this was that another person said things about you. We do think that it was a good practice to speak English, but it wasn’t something new to us. I think a better idea to teach us something about children’s rights is to not introduce ourselves in a short story, but to introduce children’s rights in an audio-file. That makes you learn something about it in a very creative way.Made by: Merel, Silvia, Willemijn and Ilse.   Evaluation learning circle:Cartoon.We liked to make a cartoon about children's rights.
The cartoons that we saw were very nice.
 We have made a cartoon about 2 boys.1 in the war and 1 was spoiled.And we made a cartoon about kidnapping.We spent a lot of time making the cartoon and it turned out very beautiful.  Delivering the cartoon was very difficult. Made by Sophie, Valerie, Britt and Hieke
Evaluation rap. Top: The lyrics were very good and make a lot of sense they also were right about what most people think. Flop: bad quality and really short time: too short because it is very nice gijs, dyon, jochem, tom, frans, tim We have been very busy with this project. We have done a lot of work, for example we have written a rap , here is a link

We have also made a school design, it is very nice, you can check it in the learning circles. The flops of the rap are that not everyone gave 100% to make a good rap. The tops of the rap are that the even after all things that happened we did a good rap. By Mishel and Stan.

What did we learn from this project?:We think that we learned a lot, because we knew about the children who aren’t safe. When we began this project we didn’t know everything about children’s rights and now everything is clear. We think it is sad what some children see or experience. Top: we learned a lot about children’s rights and the way some children live. Flop: not everything was interesting and it took a lot of effort. Time: the project was way too long and we haven’t skyped yet. Sometimes we couldn’t study as much as we supposed to do, because of this project. Melik, Viviène, Maartje, Jia Wen, Noortje G, Sophie K 


I am very happy with the results of all the second graders in our school, de Grundel. By using our electronic learning environment, It's learning, you guys managed to upload over 482 files like Word documents, pictures, mp3 audio files and videos. Thanks to the pupils for their assistance in uploading it to the Learning Circle website and sharing it with the world. You have made something worth sharing! Mr. Halfwerk (proud to be) your teacher of English





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Manon van Herwijnen said

at 12:37 pm on May 19, 2016

Designer boys from De Grundel: a underground school with elevators and a station! I think you can put all your plans in bright daylight and be proud on all the creations and thought for children's rights. Bravo!

Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 10:54 am on Mar 22, 2016

Dear students,
thank you for the cartoon and mindmap thoughts. All that wrok shows your deep research approach. Well done!

student2 said

at 1:13 pm on Feb 25, 2016

Dear Natasha Cherednichenko,
All pupils have uploaded their files to this forum. But not everyone has a photo yet. Whe are trying to get photo's from every pupil and upload them soon!!

student2 said

at 10:32 am on Feb 25, 2016

The photos are incoming, we will upload them soon!!!!

Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 9:44 am on Feb 24, 2016

Dear participants, thank you for the introductions. Will be great to see photos of your group and school.

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