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Colegiul Economic Buzau

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     We are a group of students from Buzau, Romania, and we are really happy to be a part of this project together with you!In the photos below you can see us-we are the GTP group of our class. This means that we are in charge of the activities but we work together with the rest of our colleagues.

     Buzau is a pleasant town in the south-east of Europe. It is 1 1/2 to 2 hours driving distance away from Bucharest, our capital city. Buzau has developed a lot in recent years and we like living here. Many of us come from around the county and have to commute to school.

     We are 28 students in our class and we are in the 10th grade, which means that we are around 16 years old.

We like to take part in projects and our school is involved in many extra-curricular activities. At the moment we are involved in 2 regional projects, next week 2 of us will be in Croatia on an international project, and now GTP!

     In our free time we like listening to music, hanging out with our friends, reading and shopping. We are friendly people and we like making new friends.

     Our high school has an economic profile and most of us are thinking about continuing our studies in the economic field, in order to become accountants or economists. Now we are in the 10th grade and we will have 2 more years to decide about which university to go to and to prepare.

     Going to university is a big step and for some families it is an effort to keep their children at university.


     We are( from left to right): Eddy, Andrew, Ioana, Teo, Nicoleta, Cristina, Costin , Robert and Andrew.

Ioana came with the idea of taking these 3 photos with messages. We hope you like them!

The third photo is one that we took during a class visit to Berca, a place in Buzau County, when we went to visit  a festival as a project activity.

 These are our presentations: 

1) Hello. My name is Cristina. I'm from Buzau, Romania. I'm 16 years old.

Well...for the beginning I should tell you I have a lot of hobbies. My favourite one is eating. I think I eat more then I breathe. Another one is that I love dancing. I can dance on everything. I like singing, too. I have a lot of covers in my phone. I also like drawing. I can't draw in any moment of the day, I draw when I feel I should draw. My shortest picture took me one hour.

I like basketball, too. It's my favourite sport. On the other hand, I love composing. I think I filled 7 or 8 notebooks with my compositions. Another one would be that I like ice skating. In the winter I'm moving at the skating rink and in the summer I use my roller skates every day. And t last but not least, is my passion for taking photos. It doesn't matter if I don't have the right equipment, I can take artistic photos with everything. And all these things represent a small part of me.


Thisis me together with Andrew 1.


2)My name is Teodor  and I am from Buzău , Romania . I have only one hobby, which lasted in time for me, and that is video games.

   Since I was born I have had a computer, and I started playing on it at a very young age.  Even if most people think that video games are bad, I really think they have some benefits. For example, when I am stressed and I play some video games, it cheers me up and it also reduces my stress over some time. Through gaming you will take decisions faster, because new information is constantly being displayed during play, and players are forced to adapt quickly. And one of the most important things is that you can make a lot of new social connections, it’s a lot of fun making new friends to play with. And another thing is that video games are a really good way to learn English, without even noticing it and having a good time while doing it.

   In conclusion, I think that the world without video games would be much more monotonous.

3)Hello, my name is Andrew 1 and I am 16 years old. I have dark hair, brown eyes, and I’m tall. My favourite sport is handball, but I have other hobbies, like football and basketball. Most of my time is occupied by school; I love to watch football and films or serials in my free time.  My favourite subjects are Accountancy and English. I’m a funny and sociable person, as well as polite, friendly and a good listener.

When I can, I help my parents with the housework; I like to ride my bike. I’m in this project to know new people, to learn how to communicate with other people in English, because I like English. I’m delighted to take part in this project.

4)My name is Andrew 2 and I was the GTP coordinator last year. I like English very much and I am always trying to improve it. I am interested in travelling as this represents an opportunity for me to get to know new places and new people. Last year I went to Italy and to France and this year I am going to Croatia and, hopefully, to the Czech Republic. These projects have changed me into a more serious and dedicated person ; I am more interested in learning things for my future career.

5) My name is Eddy . I like sport, football in particular. I also love playing on my computer. I have a sister and I also enjoy spending time with her. I do not like getting up very early but I have to since we start classes at 7 am!

6)My name is Nicoleta Vlad. I have a sister and sometimes people can't tell us apart but, in fact, we are very different. I like music, I play the guitar and I also love listening to music. I like to get involved in different projects and I do voluntary work. I like school and my favourite subjects are Maths, Chemistry, Biology and English. I love travelling around the country and I often do.

7) My name is Costin  and I can describe myself as rather shy. However, I like to be together with my classmates and that is why I am involved in this project.

English is one of my favourite subjects and I am quite good at it. I like listening to music and watching films. Together with my colleagues I am also involved in other school activities and voluntary work. I hope and we hope that this Learning Circle will enrich our knowledge and we are looking forward to sharing ideas!

8) Robert: I would describe myself a creative as well as a sociable person.  I like to tell jokes, to play on the computer and to read from time to time.I am an honest person and am not easily influenced. In addition, I like to learn new things that I am keen on, although at times I can be a bit lazy.

My friends say that I am both serious and selfless, and this is something they appreciate about me.

Technology is one of my interests; I love smart phones, especially those from Samsung.

Also I am passionate about music, I prefer different genres.Another hobby that I have is football, which used to be a daily activity in my childhood.I have always liked to spend time with my friends and I have an active social life.


Hey! My name is Ioana and I am the GTP coordinator.  I am from Buzau, Romania. I’m 17 years old, almost 18. I’m not a tall girl, I can say that I have a medium height. I have brown eyes and hair. I think that I have three hobbies: to sing, to draw and to spent time with my friends. But the most important hobby it is singing. I simply adore to sing! I feel like I am in another world when I sing. I also like to take pictures, to capture every moment. I like to get involved in activities because I think that they make me a better student. At school I like a lot of objects, but especially I like English and French. I really love to speak those languages.  I have a favourite serial that I follow: Gossip Girl. But I also like to watch movies. This is just a short presentation, cause I am very complex. Oh, I almost forgot.. I am glad to take part in this project.



We had some very interesting discussions about some of the children's rights and here are some of our ideas:

Every person has equal chances. Because of the fact that some kids/people have special needs, people make a lot of differences but it shouldn’t happen because any of us are humans. It is important not to break this right because all of us are equal. Some people are marginalized because of their ‘’problems’’; then will appear some negative feelings. This right it is violated very often by the ordinary people. You should try to think in perspective, or to ask yourself how you would feel if someone would do that to you.


The right to being protected against violence and abuse is very important because the children can’t protect themselves in front of adults. The authorities responsible with the protection of children are: parents, teachers (school), NGOs and Child Protection. If a child feels safe, his confidence will increase and he will evolve more easily. Unfortunately, in most cases, the families don’t respect the rights of children. In 2015 approx. 10,000 cases were reported-children were abused. Some children are used by their parents to gain money.


The right to have a family is important because the family helps shaping the child's character. Every person has the right to an identity because the society evolves is time. Unfortunately, there are cases , in the poor families, when children don't have this right .


The right to education is  a very important right because any of us must have their own education in their daily life. Any human must have the right to education and the right to participate in cultural life in order to have a bright future and to integrate in the society. Not everyone can take advantage of this right because of their bad financial situation. Education is a right which anyone should have.


We also talked about the Reflective Questions. One of the most interesting conversations was about 'needing' and 'wanting'.

We have to make the difference between basic needs and what we want for ourselves, for example clothes or a new phone. We know that many chlidren in the world do not have food to eat or even good water to drink.



Contributions Challenge 1:

Well, we talked about children's rights a lot and we have decided that we are quite lucky children because our rights are respected, we have our parents to take care of us, we have a home and everything that we need. We made the difference between needing and wanting. When we talked about  our basic needs, Robert wasn't so willing to include food in the list but when our teacher suggested an experiment (to call his mum and to tell her that we have an experiment and that Robert is not going to get any food that evening!) he also realised that food is really a basic need , more important than other things that are not really essential for us.

Here are some of the questions that we discussed:


Q Basic needs
In my opinion, the authorities should take care of some needs: the safety need and a part of physiological needs. 
Authorities should always ensure that we are safe.
 They also should ensure that every human without shelter has food and water. Because some people don’t have possibilities to take care of themselves, 
they should be helped and respected, just like the others. The others' needs depend on us and sometimes it is about luck. 
You have love if you want and if you deserve it, and you’ll have part of respect only if you deserve it; if you offer respect, you will get in return.
 Everything depends on you! What goes around comes around!


Q. With whom do you feel happy?

I really like to spend time with my friends, my parents and my sister. When I am around them I just don’t get bored. In conclusion, I can say that I feel happy with them.

What makes a house a home?

No matter how beautiful or big a house is, if it has a big garden or a nice view, it will be the same. The thing that makes a house a home is the family.


 Q. Do you have to do anything for the people that take care of you?

Of course! Let's take an example. My parents. They raised me and they take care of me every day. They'll even die for me. And for all this things I'll thank them my whole life. Even if I'm sometimes mad on them, I love them anyway. And I try to help them with everything I can.


Q What do you need and who takes care of you when you're ill?

I hate to be ill. The first thing I need is pills and then soup. My family takes care of me when I'm sick but if I'm not at home, I can take care of myself.

Q Do you also have the right to eat unhealthy but tasty food?

Honestly, I like unhealthy food. I don't care what type of food I eat. I eat almost anything. I like very much chips, snacks and everything that's crunchy. Also, I eat healthy food, like fruits and vegetables.


Q: What does food and drinking water have to do with infant mortality?

A: Nobody can resist more than three weeks without food, and more than three days without water. It's very important to eat and drink water, but it's also important what we are eating and how much. Speaking about little children, the quality of food and water is very important. The authorities and parents must make sure that rules are followed when it comes to children in particular. Unfortunately, accidents happen and children die. For example, just a few weeks ago, there were many cases in which babies died in a certain part of my country because of certain bacteria whose source was very difficult to identify. Our government even asked for international help and a Swedish medical team came to Romania to help with the investigation.The problem is that, in my country, a large number of the population lives in the country and most of them use wells as a source of water. Sometimes, the water does not meet the required standards.

 Q:Do the children in your environment have enough healthy food ?

A:Yes , of course they have . But that doesn't mean they eat healthy. You will always have to choose between good or bad, fast food or healthy food, and most people I know choose junk food .


Who should make sure that children can get vaccinated?    

I believe that each country must impose vaccination of children. Every country wants to have a future with healthy children, the vaccine helping to prevent illness. If parents do not agree with the idea of vaccination, they are responsible for t his decision. In conclusion, I believe that the Ministry of Health is responsible for vaccinating children.

What can you do yourself to make sure you’re healthy?

To have a healthy life, we must be active and have a program which you follow. A healthy life is composed of more fruits and vegetables.  Daily meals must contain more fruits and vegetables. Sport is very important in a healthy life, it keeps the body alive. Water is also needed in amounts of 2-3 l day. Daily meals should be in small amounts. I believe that every person can have a healthy life if they really want this for themselves.


Q What do you know about refugees from poverty? There will always be refugees, especially from poverty. In many poor families who are refugees there are a number of 5 or more children. Parents cannot raise them and they don't have a future.

Q What do you know about refugees from war?

They are trying to hide from war, they leave their home countries.


"A Safe Home"

Ioana: In my opinion, to have a safe home is very important. You feel good when you can go home without thinking that your parents are fighting or if they have a lot of problems. Also, it is important to have a safe home, positioned in a good place, to have the necessities and other things.

Costin: Children cannot defend themselves when they are alone. A safe house is strictly necessary. A safe house means to me the parents. They will always make the child feel safe even when they are not near.

Teo: First, for me a ''safe house'' means a house built well in terms of architecture. Second, I must know that no one can enter my house if I don't want to, meaning that doors and windows do not have any kind of problem. The last thing, and the most important, is that you have to live in a friendly neighborhood.

Cristina: Everyone, absolutely everyone, should have a shelter.

"A safe home" is a place where you can be you. It is a place where you can do things that you like, a place where you feel you're protected, where no one can hurt you. Everyone should have a safe home. No matter their age, their gender or their race. No matter where they come from. Everyone should be happy, everyone should have this right.

Home is not a place, home is a feeling.

Andrew: I think that a safe home is a place where we can express our feelings freely, without restrictions or thinking about the others, It is the safest place in the world.

Eddy: For me a safe home means a place where I feel in safe , a place where I can do whatever I want .A safe home means for me also a place where nobody can tell me what to do .

Andrew: For me ,a safe home means a place where you are welcomed by other people, like your family . A safe home means a place where you can sleep, eat or have fun with your relatives .

Robert: In my opinion, a safe home is the house where children feel safe with their parents. A safe home is important for the proper development of children. Children should see a home as a safe place where they spend time with their family.



A poem

What’s happening in the world today?

So many children have to run away…

There is no place to call a home,

For millions of children all around the world.

The world is changing, is becoming weird

There is confusion, sadness, fear,

Cities are disappearing, war is taking over,

Starvation and disaster are the new order.

All children have some rights,

Nobody respects them, that’s not right

Respect all the children's rights!

Waiting for the day of change…

One day there will come a time,

When no children will ever cry,

Their rights will be respected,

And your behavior tested!

If everyone has rights,

Why  don't we respect them?

We only create fights

But also, we can't face them.

We should be less aggressive

And try to love this world more

But we can't do that

We always need much more.

Today, children have no rights

They should have a decent live

A loving family around...

Respect their rights at any price!

Remember this: at any time

The future of the world...they are

The help from us is not so far,

I'd like to see the children smile

To see them happy with their lifestyle,

Their rights must be respected,

And their future shouldn't be contested.

Stop hating the others!

Stop being so bad!

Start loving each other!

We live under the same sun.


Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)




Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)



  We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group:
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                                                         at .............. pm/am



Contributions Challenge 2:

Hello again, everybody!

Here are our contributions to Challenge 2. There's more to come, some photos too. We were away from school for 2 weeks and a half- we had a week for extra-school activities, a week called "A Different Kind of School" in our language, and then the Easter holiday.


The right to learn and play

Step 1>Conversation



 I think a good education at a young age is very influenced by your parents, and when you grow up you do it yourself. And your education is also linked with what you do in your free time. As a child you have some rights, like the right to go to school, a very important right because at school you meet a lot of new people and you can socialize and learn new things at the same time.  Another right as a child is to leisure and play, a right that it’s a must for a child, because they have a lot of energy and they must consume it somehow. And every child has the right to protection against labor, a right which is very logic, because kids are not for labor.



A good education is known in adolescence. Free time for recreation is also important. Here they show their imagination and creation in connection with anything. In their free time, children create their own  version about what they like and want to do in the future. They relax in their free time and this is significant too.   The children have the right to education to ensure their equal opportunities and their personal development.  The child has the right to leisure, to pause, to recreate, not be too stressed and the break helps they to rest, physically and mentally.

 Children should not be put to great physical work, they must be educated mentally. In some cases, they have to make too much effort and some develop diseases that can aggravate in the future."

A good education helps us for future, for every step in our life. At school we learn essential things, and every year we are more prepared for the challenges of life. Education in excess harms, this is the reason for which we need a break at school. Free time helps we to train our abilities in communication , to talk about more things.


Andrew 1

 Education is a fundamental human right. The right to education includes a responsibility to provide basic education. Every child can go at school to learn, to have fun with classmates. For them it's easy to learn from funny games, songs or from other things. A man who is informed is hardly influenced. Every child should have right to leisure and play because they need to have fun with other children. In this time we can do activities that relax us and disconnect us from school : to read a book, not for school, to play video games, playing cards , listening to music etc.

 Small children can't work, they only can learn and play, he can't earn money. I hate parents who exploit their children. While they sit through coffee shops or wherever, consume alcohol, and wait to be supported financially  by their own children, these children endure high temperatures or cold, to fight with rains or snow, begging .



To have a good education means to know how to behave with the others, to be respectful and to talk nicely. Of course, there are much more things about what means to have a good education but those are the basic things.Good education is related to what we are doing in our free time, because an educated child doesn't swear or push old people on streets. In my free time, I do what I really love, singing, dancing, and hanging out with my friends. An educated child has respect for others and that means he has respect for himself. We should all get a good education, no matter what. I think absolutely every child has the right to a good education. I don't know how to grow up without having it. And kids should all go to school, no matter how tall they are, no matter their nationality or their skin color. No one is perfect and we're all humans. We should all be nice and love each other. Everyone deserves free time. No matter what their grades are, their problems, no matter their personal life. We all need free time. We need it to do what makes us feel happy, what we like to do without someone to tell us. It's our free time and we decide for ourselves what we do with it.

             A 10 -year- old child shouldn't do what a 25 old man can't. It is just not normal to compel a child to do something impossible for him just because you can't or you're too tired to do it. Just because kids are smaller and easily influenced we shouldn't do what we want with them, and contrary, we should protect and show them what is good and what is bad.



I believe that every person should benefit from a good education for living in a civilized world. The education we receive from the first years of life, a well-known expression is that's why to

have seven years of home, will be modeled in school years . I believe that education is closely related with free time. In most of our time, we socialize with people, this being a very important

role in the formation of our education. Free time is important in the life of each person.

Every child has the right to education. That means you can go to school to learn together.

I believe that every child has the right to education without taking into account his material condition. All children should be treated the same.

Every child has the right to leisure and play . Time in which you can decide for yourself what you want to do. I believe that every child has the right to have free time and play time. By playing, a child organizes their time at will. Playing has an important role in the development of a child.

Every child has the right to protection against child labor.I believe that children should not be required to work. A child is not made to work, being in constant physical and mental development. I believe that after the completion of eighteen years a child has all the time to work.



In my opinion a good education is strictly necessary for everyone. The education comes from school, where the teachers are the ones who teach us all about everything. A good education is not made up only of information and rules, the teachers also have the duty to turn us into real people, mature people. The free time is necessary in our lives. Our mind can’t function properly if it can’t rest during breaks because we aren’t robots. We also need free time to spend with our friends and family because these moments make us happy.


Andrew 2 (wearing glasses in the photo)

Children gain education from their parents or school. For a good education children have to be involved and they have to want to be educated because without their interest education will be worthless. Free time for me means having fun. I do a lot of things in my free time like playing cards with my friends or video games on my computer, going out with friends. Also I don’t forget that I need time for my homework or studying . Free time and education means something that all we need because both help us .

-Every child has the right to education .That means you can go to school to learn together

In my opinion every child needs to go to school because that is very important for our education .That also means that we have the right to go and learn together because if is not like that it will be unfair for some of us .

-Every child has the right to leisure and play. Time in which you can decide for yourself what you want to do. We all need to have free time because without it we are just robots. In our free time we can relax and take a break from routine like studying or working. We also can have fun in our free time or by playing different kinds of games: sportive , video games or others .

-Every child has the right to protection against child labor. By being child you have only one obligation and that is to study. I think that work is not for children and every child has the right to have a protection against child labor .When we are adults we will have different obligations;  the most important is to work to have a place to live , something to eat or to have clothes  but when we are child we don’t need to work , just study for a better life as an adult.



For me good education and free time mean to spend a part of your free time to study, to have a good education later. In your free time you can do what you want but you must do things which help you in present or in future. Without education you won’t be respected in society, people will have a bad opinion about you and you’ll not matter for them. Free time for me also means hanging out with my friends , listening to music or playing games on computer .


Free time- this is our class on a trip to Sibiu where we went for 2 days as part of our extra school activities.

Assignment 1




I have a vision of a perfect school. For me, it would be simply extraordinary.  My idea of a perfect school is one that students are proud of, and, at the same time a place where they receive good education.To achieve this, a school would need to have good teachers,   qualified in the field in which they teach.Class sizes would have to be reduced to around 25 students, in this way teachers would be more personal with their students.It would be the place where you can learn interesting things which will help you in life.                                                           



Andrew 2

My ideal school

For me a perfect school means a place where you can learn new things which can help you in the future, a place where you can make new friends and socialize. But a perfect school doesn’t mean just this. I see the ideal school a big and large building with a lot of classes for many students, 3 courts for football, basketball and handball and a cafeteria. Also, classes should be 30 minutes and breaks 20 minutes each. Students should not have homework. They don’t need to carry a bag with them at school, all lessons will be oral for a better communication between teacher and student.



My ideal school

In my vision the ideal school is very comfortable because you can choose what objects you want to do. So if you are not good at French for example, you just choose another object to study, so you will learn with pleasure. After 40 minutes of studying we should have 20 minutes of break so you don't get tired or bored. And I would also like to study outdoor when the weather it's good



     And I, like other classmates, I want to learn new things at school. Even if math and history are not so "new", the teachers will always find things that we don’t know.

     I personally like my school and the teachers. The teachers were students too back in time so they can understand our problems, that’s why they help us all the time.

     If I could rate my school it would be an 8 out of 10. That’s because the design of the building is pretty usual and our football field isn’t big enough.

     My school isn’t the most beautiful but I wouldn’t change a single aspect. It has something special, maybe the people. This is the ideal school for me.



In my opinion, an ideal school is a school where students have more free time and they can spend it doing activities which helps them to study and to have fun in the same time.



In my opinion the ideal school should be a place where a student  comes with pleasure. In my vision a school ideal must give up the idea of wearing the uniform, classes to be equipped with the latest technology, students choose their own studies that  they want to attend, books to be replaced by tablets, breaks to be 20 minutes , holidays to be a bit longer and teachers with higher education who explain the meaning to all students. .If schools would look like I think every student should come to school with pleasure.



Assignment 2 Check your belongings



Usually, I buy clothes at the mall, I don't really take into account the country of origin as long as I delighted and the material seems durable. Related to child labor, I would be able to pay a higher price, if I knew that the money from selling clothes would get back to the kids.



I like to wear casual clothes and shoes. When I buy clothes I am very careful because I want to wear qualitative clothes which make me feel comfortable and full of confidence. I don’t care if the people around me like them or not, it is important that I like them and they make me feel good. I know that the people who made them are giving their interest a lot and I really respect that. I haven’t thought about child labor until now, nobody talks about this here. I think this is a serious problem and I will read more about it.



        I don’t really care if my stuff is “cool”. When I buy clothes or other things I usually verify the material. The brand isn’t that important for me. Pay more for a T-shirt from a famous brand but it has a bad quality or buy a cheaper and a good quality one? Well, I`ll choose the second option.

     If the company donates a part of the money earned from selling different stuff to kids with difficulties or to people with a really bad situation, I’d pay more.



I like to have as many clothes to have a choice. I believe that clothes that may not necessarily have to be brand names but must make me feel good in them. If the material they are made of is good,I  buy them indifferent of the manufacturing company and country of origin. Related to child labor , I disagree with child labor for making clothing or anything else.


Assignment A letter to Urmila


Dear Urmila,


     I watched your video and I read your story and I think that you are a powerful young woman who can inspire and help the world. Personally, I really respect you and I think that the whole world should respect you because you are remarkable.

      I found your story very noteworthy and I want to find out more details.  It is unimaginable how hard it was for you to be exploited, to belong to someone else.  Everybody has rights, the right to be protected and to be free, including you. I just ask myself, how could you survive to that ordeal? I think that you really are strong woman. It is a good thing when someone tries to change a bad tradition, because it helps the world to be a better place, a place where the people know what ‘’happiness’’ means. We must not give up when we try to change something. Nothing will come ready-made; we must fight! These are some questions I want to ask you:

-          Do you know other girls whose lives were just like you, exploited?

-            Are you OK now? Did you receive counseling?

-           Where do you live now? Did you see your parents after those years?

-          Have you talked with other girls like you?


I hope that you will change something and I also hope that you can help other girls with your forum.  They don’t deserve to live like this.  I hope that you’ll answer to my letter.



               Ioana Tudor,  student at Economic High school from Buzau, Romania




Feedback from: Senator O'Connor College School

Just like you, our group has watched and been moved by Urmila's story. Most of us don't even know where Nepal is, let alone the kamalari system. It sounds inhumane and unreal to us.


Just like you we have some questions for Urmila:

What motivates you towards your future goals?

Were the master or her parents punished or sued for using a child as a slave?

What were your feelings towards your parents for giving you away?


Greetings from Senator O'Connor students. Have a great summer!



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         I learned a lot of things about children's rights but in my opinion, the most important right is the right to a safe home. This right helps the child to form as a man and, for that to happen, he needs a home with a family.

         Unfortunately, many children don’t have a house and a suggestion to improve this right is that the big companies should make donations to help most of them.


1.I believe that children's rights are very important in children's development. I realize that there are people who do not respect the rights of this child having suffered during child's development. I learned things about those rights and certainly will tell about them to those who do not know them. Children's rights must be respected!!

2.The child has the right to be protected against any form of violence. This right is very important in a child's life. A child who experiences violence in family may suffer in relationships with people around you. The authorities should give it more importance.







     My collaboration with GTP team was developed exactly as I wanted. I was the coordinator. Our teacher, Ilie Catalina, gave me the tasks and I had the duty to communicate and explain to my colleagues what they had to do. I got along very well with them, I have never encountered problems. For us, each subject was very interesting, we gained more knowledge and we learned to adapt to each subject.

     I also gained a great experience. I learned and acquired organizational skills, I learned to be patient with others and to devote myself entirely  to what I do. I gained information that will help me in life, and also, I developed my imagination, I liked to be the one to coordinate, to support and help the others. Also, besides the tasks that we all had, I had additional tasks. And I’m glad because I had them. They helped me to understand a lot of things and of course, to develop my English.

In short, the participation to this project was wonderful. I won many things and I would gladly repeat this experience!











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gtp.colegiu@yahoo.com said

at 10:55 am on Mar 30, 2016

Thank you! We would like that too! We just have to find out how we can do that!

Marije Vlaar said

at 1:16 pm on Mar 4, 2016

Very cool and creative. We would like to Skype with you! :)

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