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If you would like a real time connection on Skype, Face time etc. with an other school in your circle; please indicate so on this page.

Feel free to also give a time / date that would suit you best :-)

It is also possible to email the teachers of the other schools directly:

please find their names and email addresses on the dark blue tab 'Users' above.


Your school name

Would like to connect on day X/ time xxx

Do you have a preferred school?

Skype/ Face time ?

LC school - Utrecht  Friday Feb.27 2015 at 09:00 (Dutch time)
Circle school  - Paramaribo Skype
de Grundel Hengelo Holland class 2A1
Friday 1st April 14.40 (Dutch time = 8.20 morning Canadian time
Senator O'Connor College school Toronto Canada
Vechtdal College Holland  Tuesday  12th April 13:00 (Dutch time) 

No preferred school. 


    Skype/Face time 





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